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At Cube Thinking, we appreciate that business owners are constantly faced with challenges.

We work together with you and your business to identify and implement solutions to generate quick results and provide long term growth.

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Build a Better Business programme

Creating the vision & strategy for long term success

The Cube Thinking Build a Better Business programme is designed to give your business long term success.

Whether you are a brand new start-up, a century old family business or a Global MNC, this programme is made for you.

After analysing your current strengths and weaknesses, we will guide you in the creation of a long-term vision for the business and implement tools and strategies to clear the path to get you there.

Business Launch-Pad

Our 10 step approach

Step one

01. Introduction

Free 30 minute introduction & consultation

Step two

02. Health check

Analyse the current health of the business

Step three

03. Three-year vision plan

Set goals and create a vision to get there

Step four

02. One-year action plan

Detailed steps to be taken in the first year

Step five

05. Finance course

Two-day course for you to develop confidence with your company finances

Step six

06. Three-year forecasting

Detailed ins and outs of your business finances

Step seven

07. Three-year cash flow

Using the forecast, we will create a three-year cash flow projection

Step eight

08. Set KPIs and KBOs

Develop a dashboard with relevant KPIs and KBOs to help keep you on track

Step nine

09. Implementation strategy

Short term action plan and implementation strategy.

Step ten

10. Ongoing support

Three months of weekly support as well as a return visit to analyse performance.

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What They’re Saying

Working through the resultant action plan, we have addressed and made improvements in production, IT, sales order processing and general administration. We have also introduced quality tools such as route cause analysis and 8D problem solving, both of which will offer long term benefits to the business.

Richard PotterManaging Director, Ena Shaw Ltd

In the last 12 months our company has gone through an enormous amount of change including acquisition and massive expansion and John has helped to implement strategy and procedures to enable us maintain our position of strength in the market.

David LawsonFinance Director, Stolle Europe Ltd